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Solar is not just a multi-billion dollar business in the United States. It is an energy solution that provides clean, reliable electricity, increases consumer choice, and helps homeowners and business owners save money on their utility bills. SEIA works hard to ensure that the solar industry fosters practices that protect consumers, expands solar access to all communities, and promotes a diverse and growing workforce.

Over 3 million U.S. households have gone solar

Diversity & Inclusion

SEIA is dedicated to promoting equity and inclusion across our own organization and in the solar industry as a whole. It is imperative that our workforce and our customer base accurately reflect the diversity of the broader population.

SEIA's D&I Initiatives

SEIA values diversity, inclusion and equity within our organization and the promotion of these values across the solar industry. We believe that a diverse workforce creates a more resilient organization that supports a strong, equitable solar industry.

Health & Safety

Solar health and safety issues include fire safety, workforce development, and industry codes & standards. The solar industry is working proactively in these areas by developing best practices and pursuing industry solutions to ensure responsible business practices among U.S. solar companies.

Codes & Standards
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Installer Safety
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Fire Safety
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Consumer Protection

SEIA works to ensure that consumer protection is at the forefront of the solar industry. We are developing resources designed to safeguard customer rights, providing a forum for members of the press, governments and other stakeholders to access materials relevant to consumer protection, and establishing pro-competitive guidelines for the solar industry to enhance consumer protection.

About SEIA's Consumer Protection Work

SEIA has developed a powerful suite of resources, and are delivering them to governors, attorneys general, state consumer advocates, public utility commissions, solar companies, financial institutions, lead generators, federal agencies and other organizations nationwide.

Low-Income Solar Policy Guide

Developed by GRID Alternatives & Vote Solar, this guide seeks to promote policies and programs to increase low-income access to solar energy in the United States.

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Monday, Sep 09, 2019

Federal Legislation Will Streamline Solar Permitting, Grow Clean Energy Economy

The American Energy Opportunity Act will create jobs, make U.S. energy more resilient, and reduce carbon emissions

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Friday, Mar 25, 2016

Proven Business Leader Joins SEIA as Director of Codes & Standards

The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) announced today that it has hired Evelyn Butler to run the trade association’s Codes & Standards work.

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Thursday, Mar 03, 2016

SEIA Forms New Committee Dedicated to PV Mounting System Manufacturers

The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) today announced the formation of the PV Mounting System Manufacturers Committee (MSMC). This committee will work with other SEIA members to ensure the industry is working together to advance solar products, services and policies. It will bring together manufacturers of the components that literally hold the solar industry together.

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